Teens Still Need Their Parents

Times have surely changed. Throughout the world, parents have promoted the development of uncontrolled and disrespectful children. Parents have very little time to bond with their children. They are either too busy trying to make an impression in a materialistic, overachieving society or, they have given up on life. Children are thus left with large amounts of unsupervised time and little parental love and attention.

Within every child there is a developing moral sense. In fact, children crave moral order. Parents have little desire or time to help their children, and turn to the churches and schools to take over the responsibility for giving moral guidance and discipline. Spiritual leaders and teachers can do only so much. A firm foundation for everything must be provided at home.

Unfortunately, most children are subjected to parents who set bad examples. Many parents refuse to sacrifice their time, pleasures and personal conveniences for the needs of their children. Aggressive parents yell and scream at their children, swear and treat other people with indifference and disrespect. Children learn through example and become the mirrored reflection of their parents. When parents are absent, children reflect the examples set by their peers.

Teenagers, especially, need their parents. During puberty, they experience new feelings and emotions. They face daily pressures from teachers and peers. They are exposed to the influence of television, music, and the Internet. Teenagers suffer stress and anxiety, and they are too inexperienced to handle it in a positive way. Busy parents should never assume their children are fine because they have provided them with money, Sunday school and an opportunity for education. Today’s children and teenagers are exposed to pressures and problems unknown to past generations. Spending quality time with them will help parents establish this.

Parents who feel that they have lost touch with their children need to take serious steps to build bridges, one conversation at a time. Children may not always appreciate the sudden parental attention and protection. They may well show resentment at times, especially when they insist on having things done their way and the parents answer is suddenly ‘no’. We live in a degraded world and therefore we need to do what is necessary to raise our children well. Good parents know the balance and are neither too lenient nor harsh.

Parents who are striving hard to be a positive force and a real presence in the lives of their children are blessed. They know that raising children is hard work, but the rewards are priceless.

The time and energy parents invest in the lives of their children cannot be replaced. To be a positive force in their children’s life requires effort, but it is very rewarding.